Random Battles 2: Gogeta and Shadic (Archie) VS Goku Black (EOZ) PART 1
Fire Blades
Fire Blades

So far, this is my longest animation as of right now, and it’s only the first part! Yeah, due to the animation taking a long time, I decided I’d split it into two parts. That also explains why it is rushed a bit in some areas (especially near the end and in the intro).

Also, the beginning animation was there for YouTube, and I am too lazy to change it for Vlare, so just pretend that Vlare says YouTube.

PLOT: In an unknown age, Zamasu takes Goku's body from the ending of Dragon Ball Z. He uses this newfound body to dispatch of Trunks and the remaining Earthlings easily. He then travels through time with his time ring to train and get stronger. He eventually comes across a timeline where the universes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball Super collide.

Credits (so far):
Goku Black sprites - Angryboy, Luka, and Extreme Butouden
Goku Black SSJR sprites - Que, Angryboy, Luka and Extreme Butouden

Super Gogeta sprites - Woothrad, Angryboy, Aubreiprince, Sayhellobye, Manikdx2000, Blastrider, Luka, Qsab and Tansaki

Gogeta SSJB sprites - Woothrad
Gogeta sprites - Angryboy, Aubreiprince, Sayhellobye, Manikdx2000, Blastrider, Luka, QSAB and Tansaki
Super Shadic sprites - Darknessx4
Shadic sprites - Darksonic55
Hyper Shadic sprites - MyPicts, Carol-Ann, Roxpong

Luigi sprites - A.J Nitro and jdasfer64

Music used -
Like a Burning Wind - Budokai 1
The Meteor - Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Gogeta Theme - Dragon Ball FighterZ

My YouTube and Patreon -
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/fireblades
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/FireBlades

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