How To Take Your Gimp Gradients/PNGs,And Convert Them Into GRDS To Be Used In Photopea,And Photoshop
ArtsyLdyRae Of All Trades
ArtsyLdyRae Of All Trades
In this tutorial,I will show you how to take your Gimp gradients,and turn them into Grds so they can be used in Photopea,and Photoshop. The Gimp gradient is courtesy of a guy by the name of Wallace on Gimpchat/Gimplearn. He's got a lot cool stuff pertaining to Gimp,so check him out. Note - This doesn't work with ALL gradients. The gradient has to be very precise,and small enough to fit the square,or otherwise it will not be able to read it properly. It is very hit,and miss.

As far as the video is concern,I apologize on it being choppy in some parts,and too long in others along with the music being too fast in the beginning. This one is my very first video tutorial,so bear with me. Also,I am kind of a newbie when it comes to video editing,and I had to really cut this down in order for Vlare's uploader to take it,so I do apologize for that.

Other than that I hope this helps,and thank you for watching.

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