↻ 10 Steps to Download Your Entire YouTube Channel!
How to join Vlare and other sites without losing your old YouTube videos! I also consider the topic of simply re-uploading all your own YouTube videos and why that's really not a great idea.

Step 1 is to visit https://takeout.google.com! It's a little-known, official Google feature! Use it to your advantage!

Consult a personal lawyer regarding your legal issues! Don't just let me or some other random person on the internet tell you what's legal or safe and what's not. The FTC and the law aren't fucking around, and neither should you. ALWAYS find the original source of legal advice!

Even if I'm not getting fined $42,000, YouTube is still one of the lowest-paying sites, has yearly scandals, overly strict policies and soon-- YouTube features like comments, subscriber notifications and personalizd ads-- will end up getting choked anyway. If my YouTube has uploads at all, they may be watered-down or edited. Depending on the final verdict on January 1st, 2020 my YouTube channels may be deleted. I don't have all the answers, but only time will tell.

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