[MMD Newcomers] DADDEH motion DL
A few more weeks until my finals, I have shit-ton of homework and here I am, making memes :/

joke isn't even mine, it's from tiktok xP

Anyway, here are some of my new OCs :D
I've had their models for a while, but I didn't want to share a video with them in it yet cause I haven't made the credits list. (Except Akira, she's been introduced, but she's got a new outfit here GASP :0)

If you wanna know more about them, yOU GOTTA READ MY STORY, CHARM uWu

Soooo.... here's the credits for them !!

===Hotaru Seki (Fluffy blondie boi)
-Body : Kaahgome, YYB and NagekinomaiP
-Face : TDA, I forgot! Help me x(
-Hair : Owth, Xx-HappySocks-xX, TDA
-Clothes : UnluckyCandyFox

===Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Red-haired daddeh)
-Body :Kaahgome, YYB and NagekinomaiP
-Face : TDA,RubyRain19
-Hair : Smol-Hooman, TDA, TechArts3D, MMDFakewings18, 10JMixP
-Clothes : UnluckyCandyFox, PMDMaster

===Akito Seki (Boy twin with beanie)
-Body :Kaahgome, YYB and NagekinomaiP
-Face : TDA, ColorsOfOrion
-Hair : Owth, TDA, TwoSidedHeart
-Clothes : Ka7rek, UnluckyCandyFox, Danna-MMD

===Akira Seki (Girl twin with beanie)
-Body : YYB, KamaNoTenshi
-Face : TDA, ColorsOfOrion
-Hair : Lumanaera, TDA, TwoSidedHeart
-Clothes : AppleWaterSugar, amiamy111, AuroraYok, Danna-MMD

===Seki-Papaaa (fATHER)
-Body : dollymolly
-Face : TDA, Daniela009
-Hair : Angelica-Lime
-Clothes : UnluckyCandyFox


And here's the motion !! You don't have to credit but I'll appreciate if you link back so I can see your vids :D

Motion : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yJLDhMOwqbwx9u661Oj5WuSPfTbQJ6TX/view

NOTE : there's a LOT of motion files in there cause the characters are holding chopsticks/bowls. Here's the link to the bowls and chopsticks

Chopstick : bowlroll.net/file/96613

Rice : bowlroll.net/file/85971

The rest of the food are also from user above.

Stage : MMD3DCGParts