those who carried on except it's the pv i never finished
hi i got my old tablet to charge just enough to recover some files off of it

like i said in the og video's description i had written this song in early 2018 and then life got in the way of this huge pv i wanted to make :(

the pv's story was about a contagious disease going around that'd cause people to decompose alive and fall apart, the different characters represent different aspects of this disease:

- the robot girl in the first verse was the treatment in a sense, once humans figured out how to make robots that could act like normal humans they were able to learn how to make prosthetic limbs that could function just the same, only in response to a pre-existing brain

- the girl who fell apart at the beginning is the late stages of the disease where you fully break down and medical intervention is unavoidable

- the two Cool People and that one beefy dude represent having recovered from the disease and, yeah sure there's still the risk that what's left of their organic bodies might catch the disease again and continue decomposing, but they've been through it all and can handle it again, they don't let fear stop them from living happy lives

- the person locked in the room is someone who's too afraid to leave the safety of a sterile room and risk catching the disease. they don't look like they're having a lot of fun tho huh!!!!

edit: to be fair in response to some comments there is still a Metaphorical(TM) meaning to the song, though i usually don't talk about those cus they're personal :') i also don't want what i wrote the song to be about to influence y'all's freedom to come up with your own interpretations!!