The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers
Youtube's Trusted Flagger Program originated in the Youtube Deputy Program of 2012. It was only recently in 2016 that the trusted flagger programme got any sort of attention, because of the Youtube Heroes program. Youtube heroes publicized the long standing fact that trusted flaggers get to mass flag videos, which pissed off pretty much everybody. The Mass Flagging feature has been part of Trusted Flaggers since its inception, but people were still caught off guard, myself included.

It is only in the aftermath of the Youtube Heroes debacle, that people have finally come to understand the Trusted Flagger programme as a whole. Distinct from the Youtube Contributors program, Trusted Flaggers have abilities like 'escalation' and direct contact with youtube staff, that enables them to exercise significant influence over Youtube as a whole. Some would call this influence unwarranted, but as long as Susan Wojcicki remains in charge, the Trusted Flagger system is likely here to stay.

Notice that all of this drama heated up in 2014, the same time that Susan Wojcicki became CEO of youtube. More information here -

An official at Youtube stated "A Justin Bieber Video" was the number one most flagged video on the site. Considering "Baby" has over 2 billion views, it only makes sense that "Baby" is the culprit, even if hard confirmation was never given.

Reminder that Youtube has money and time to produce open borders propaganda, but somehow doesn't have any resources to devote to publicizing the Trusted Flagger program. Hmm, its almost like they intentionally want to keep the programme private...

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Video Topic: The History of Youtube's Volunteer Flaggers

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