He's Back...
To those unaware, I use to run a YouTube channel by this very name for several years. But with this whole COPPA thing that's going on, I had intentions on leaving the platform behind. Luckily, a very good friend of mine who ran into a similar situation recommended this platform to move to, so, here we are now.

To anyone that use to follow my channel, if you happen to be on here as well, then welcome back. For those unfamiliar with me, what I tended to do is edit fan-trailers, mashups and random nonsense that probably only myself would find funny. (may end up giving AMV's a try at some point) I will be uploading a select few of my old videos from my YouTube days that I did archive before deleting them so you guys can get a feel for what I do.

It's gonna take some time to get use to given how vastly new and different certain things are, but right off the bat I'm impressed. Custom thumbnails and a max of 45 minutes for your videos at the start? Yes please.

Here's to a hopefully bright future on this new platform and that it doesn't suffer the same fate that YouTube is currently going through.