Crowd outside Rio Grande 🌵
At 6:30, I began a DoorDash shift and the Rio Grande restaurant was my first pickup place. When I got there, I saw that there were some police cars and a big crowd outside. I was nervous at first because I thought there was a riot.
I had parked at a nearby gas station and walked over to the place and asked what was going on. Someone told me that people were waiting outside for their food to be picked up. There were also other Dashers waiting for their food. And get this, some people said they were there since 𝟰:𝟯𝟬!! 😱

Well, I wasn't gonna stick around for that long, so I decided to cancel the orders 'cause I didn't wanna leave the customers waiting for a couple hours. But all the ring-ins I got after that were all from the same place! And I didn't wanna risk a chance of having to wait 3 hours or so! So I just decided to cancel the shift and mingle for a bit. This was the one opportunity to mingle with other people during this pandemic, so I took it.

I was also interviewed by the news since they caught wind of this and decided to film it! So when the video gets uploaded, I'll link it!