Top 10 SML VIDEOS THAT MADE FANS RAGE QUIT or UNSUB[Try Not To Trigger or Don't Watch This Video]
SML Fan Rebel Dude
SML Fan Rebel Dude
This is a Reuploaded Video
**Originally Uploaded on October 21, 2019**

#AXEJeffy #NoMoreJeffy
Warning: This Video would Made You Rage Quit, Triggered and Physically Offended you. please don't watch this video, leave if you don't like this video and don't try to witch hunt if you you're being sensitive and a troll. i'll banned for snitching, mass disliked, Misleading, can't handle some criticisms don't respecting some opinions and being a snake or manipulative to me. i'll not appreciated your points.

{Inspired by WatchMojo.Com}
Top 10 SuperMarioLogan Videos, Vlogs or Moments that made Fans Rage Quit and Unsubscribed
for this list, were looking for videos, screenshots, archives or pinned comments, status or tweets
that were deleted due to backlash and videos that were went too soon or have crossed the line or gone too far.
plus, the people who were pointed out that some of the sml videos, that were seriously offended or physically hurt their feeling that SuperMarioLogan never respect or being appreciated
including other fans that were harassed and attacked by other sml fans in the sml fanbase/community who they thought they hated sml as a misleading conduct or makes any excuses and blamed them on purpose.
*this video contains Mature content. this contains, cursing, offensive words or jokes and not suitable for younger audiences.*
this contains opinions and Constructive Criticisms. i'm just being opinionated. please respect my opinions and my criticisms on don't liking sml and jeffy.
plus. i hate the jeffy fans or other newer sml fans
i was a former sml fan back in 2012 but not anymore. i quit and stop watching
or i stop supporting sml or others like lovell, chilly, lance and tito anymore.

please do not witch hunt me and don't send or harass me some hate. i don't wanna here any fanboy or fangirl or fake fan and immature/sensitive and manipulative user would misleading and keep defending sml, chilly or others and the entire sml community.
I will not Respect your opinion if you disrespecting me, disagreed me. i will not accept your negative criticism if you're threatened to blamed me, against me and misleading or lying to me about my Points are outdated and stupid. i will not accept your points if you ever jumped in conclusion like lovell does and also he swoop in for picturing his 2 sense like he disagree and refuse to edp445's deal and avoiding it in the past.
or don't you dare to miscommunicate anyone with your miscommunications
as an Excused and make some bad and repetitive or sensitive Hates and if you can't handle my constructed criticisms then i will not appreciate you.
i will respect your opinions or criticisms if you ever being appreciated to me that i don't like sml.
if you like sml or you're a fan of sml then i respect you and your opinion. good for you.
but please, don't tried to threatened me or acted so immature to me
and being too rude or repetitive or pretty much toxic or braindead or sensitive to me, stop trying to being too manipulative
I Hate Liars that i can't trust, bad people who are back stabbed or betraying behind my or our backs
or crossed you finger behind your back or backstabbed me or everyone else.
then i will not respecting you. and no more lies
just making sure if you're cool or being understandable or appreciated
this is just an advised and a lesson here. Thank you.