That Time I Got Abridged as a Slime Episode 2
Now that Rimuru has eaten a dragon what else will he eat and will he ever make it out of the cave? Find out next time on SlimeyBall Z!

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Opening theme: High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco
Ending theme: Kirbys Dream Land: Green Greens - The OneUps

Special thanks to all of our patrons and especially our Maximum Overdogs!
Maximum OverDogs : Dreamer Don, Deyalos12, Raeth Redpath

Cast and Crew:

Director and Writer - Richie Roberts
Assistant Director Co-writer: FelTheVA
Principal Editor - DemonGroceryStore
Audio Editor - CalMeji
Rimuru: CatPuff
Great Sage: Richie Roberts
Elen: Zazumi
Gido: JDTheWeeaboo
Rigurd: WalkmanEXE
Rigur II: Doger
Goblin Kid: FelTheVA
Injured Goblins: DemonGroceryStore, Richie Roberts, Calvin Williams, Zazumi, Catpuff
Papa Dire Wolf: Hawk
Dire Wolf Pack 5: DemonGroceryStore, Richie Roberts, Calvin Williams, Zazumi, Catpuff


Demon, Boredom, Grief, Sorrow - Slime OST

Alone in Dark Waters - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Music Extended

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What’s the status of LHA/other abridged projects?
Currently in the scripting/recording/editing phase of production. As soon as it’s released, we’ll let you know.

Do you guys have a Patreon?

What about one-shots or other content?

Slime Abridged and One Piece Alabasta Abridged are in different stages of development with LHA and we have new projects coming out next year. Keep an eye out for update videos or follow us on Twitter for updates as time gets closer. If you still need to know, become a patron, we have released a full 12 month schedule of all of our content on our Patreon.

We have a lot of projects being worked on simultaneously, so we are constantly staying busy. We will keep everyone in the loop as content becomes available.