Recoloring Tails To Foxy
Snoopy The Glitchy Beagle
Snoopy The Glitchy Beagle
I do not take requests! I stop doing those awhile ago so plz do not ask :/

What is my home dogs & Welcome to my first eva Vlare video!
For my first video I will be uploading my first recolor video UwU I thought since this is the video to start out my Youtube channel
I might as well use it to start my Vlare account ^^
Now on to the real sauce, The reason I'm here cuz YouTube is making some questionable chooses, & IDK where YT is heading with all this COPPA shit but it's scaring content creators including me. but that doesn't mean I'm quitting YT altho I will be using Vlare as my discount YouTube channel. To be honest I didn't know this website existed until my friend Marko told me abt it so Imma give it a chance & c how it goes ^^'
IDK if I'm not looking hard enough but I'm y there's not that many speed paint / recolors on here :/ or maybe it's just me...

Abt the recolor:
This recolor is very very old, so plz no bad comments or anything abt it & before u say anything yes I know that I forgot Foxy's hook
also when I made this recolor I didn't know how to draw hooks, My drawing skillz at the time were very low QwQ

Muzik Used In The Video (Yes They R In Order):
1. Five Nights At Freddy's 2 by Sayonara MaxWell
2. TNT by CaptainSparklez
3. Stamp On The Ground by ItaloBrothers

Enjoy the recolor home dogs ^^

Original Upload ~ 3/7/15 (March 7, 2015)