IT'S A TRAP! | Tomb of the Mask Gameplay
Dr Volk
Dr Volk
Hey everybody, it's Dr Volk, and I'm here with another Vlare Exclusive video!

The videos that I had ready to upload by this time had very little variety mixed in with them. So far the only variety I had was my "Siblings are Forever" video, but I uploaded that to Vlare back in December, so I can't reupload it. Therefore, I decided to try adding a new game to the mix - Tomb of the Mask! I originally planned this as a standalone video, but if it gets enough support (aka any support at all) then I will be making more episodes - it all depends on YOU!

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In this episode, I just zip,zap, and zoom around the first 7 levels of this game, while running into insufferable advertisements e v er y w h e r e

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