Sonadow Illness Comic Dub
This was originally uploaded on YouTube Mar 30, 2018. I can't believe I'm uploading this. ^^"

At last here’s my first full comic dub I have made. I wanna to make a sub special for guys, so I hope you enjoy and have a laugh! xD

This comic is about when Sonic eaten ice cream in cold day, but he then gotten sick and Amy had to take care of him. Shadow visit Sonic, but then he gotten Sonic’s Illness. The two hedgehogs have to fight the illness and something difficult - sharing a room, sleeping in the same bed! What do you think what would happened? O.O

Comic Has Made By: AishaPachia

Sonic - XephThePanda
Shadow - Infinite 007
Tails - YoshiTails13
Amy, Rouge, Maria - MacKenzie B.
Dr. Eggman - Christian Pie
Narration, Decoe & Bocoe - SMF12345

Music (In Order):
The White Flowers On The Top Of The Hill #2 - Sonic X
Torando - Sonic Unleashed
Eggman #5 - Sonic X
Messegner Robo (Egmman Ver.) - Sonic X
The Base - Sonic Adventure 2
My Sweet Passion - Sonic Adventure
The House of Leaves - Kevin MacLeod
On the Edge (Eternal Engine) - Sonic Adventure 2
Amy’s Hammer #1 - Sonic X
Wave Ocean - Sonic 06
Amy Hits Espio - Sonic X
Deep Space - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Soleanna Castle Town - Sonic 06
Lunch At The Thorndyke Family #2 - Sonic X
How Tails Met Sonic - Sonic X
Maria’s Death - Sonic X
Breakfast - Sonic X
Destiny’s Union - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Helen’s Dinner - Sonic X
Kasger - Highland (End Credits Music)

Sound FX Provided by YouTube.

Sonic and characters belongs to Sega.