Watch out! Your Going To Crash! AAHHH!!
I was going to upload this on to my twitter account but never did as I was unsatisfied with the final product. This went through 3 different iterations till finally I found the correct music for this cutscene, mixed it to match up perfectly with the video, & find a good video of this cutscene that wasn't glitchy, or the wrong version. As the Dreamcast port of Sonic Adventure has a lot of differences compared to It's updated Gamecube/PC Counterparts.

The person screaming in this video is an old friend of mine who goes by the name of "Ryatron12" on YouTube, but everyone just calls him Ryan. The backstory on that scream is that when he was first starting YouTube, & was a lot younger, he was live streaming & some sent him one of those jump-scare videos. & Oh boy did it pay off lol. He doesn't like it at all looking back on it, but a lot of people still find it humorous. It's now it's kind of a cringey joke for him now, but I think over time he might have become numb to it.

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Watch out! Your Gonna Crash! AAHHH!! Sonic Adventure 1 Cutscene Clip Meme