My Own Three Eyes, 2nd Movement (music video)
Glade Swope
Glade Swope
Come watch as the curtain rises
And see the greatest of surprises
As the puzzle pieces come together
The salt that lost its savor a long time ago
You may find it turning sweet once more

O' hear me for one moment if you please
And never mind what they have told you
This is not the same
O' Trust me for one moment if you please
Surely I can show you
Who is really behind the rain
You don't have to be The Last In Line
Forget the Evil, know the Divine
All souls are Mine
And you know it still inside
I have seen it with My own three eyes

Listen as the curtain falls
And hear the wonder of it all
As Hell's last stand expires
The Devil's castle comes crumbling down
Not one coal shall be left upon another...