Azure Godzilla-紺碧 ゴジラ- Sound Effects
Bruno & Uno|DNHero666
Bruno & Uno|DNHero666
this is a Godzilla i made back then in 2017 when i thought it was the real concept art of Godzilla Monster Planet, but it was fake, i call Him Azure Godzilla, the reason i call him that is because he's color remind me of the Azure From BlazBlue, also i mix the design back then with Shin Godzilla Godzilla 2000, and MonsterVerse Godzilla, i still don't know that dose this remake design counts as my own Godzilla version or no? sense i remake it and redesign it? but when i look it closer my dose look different from the fake concept art dose it? i put different spikes made the tail longer, and put armor scales like Godzilla monsterverse, and gave it more detail? so i guess this is my own Godzilla version it just base on the fake concept art?

the Roar, and sound effect i mix for Azure Godzilla is, Godzilla Montserverse, Godzilla Earth, Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1984, Godzilla 1991, Shin Godzilla, and Godzilla 2000


Azure Godzilla is made of some unknown Energy all the Azure(not related to BlazBlue Azure) mix with radiation, it's unknown of his origin but, he has unknown powers now even he knows it? he seem to change color depends on the mood by his body color changing? he can alter his size like to Showa size kaiju, heisei size kaiju, millennium size kaiju, monsterverse kaiju, even the anime size kaiju, his size is bigger then anime Ghidorah size, it is unknown that he can change size to human size. it was reported that he maybe alble to alter his look to different versions of him self?

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