We're proud to announce Vlare 2.0!
 As some of you may already know, Slivr and Vlare have merged into the same team. As a result of this- Vlare will be seeing a major update, which will improve upon the foundation we've already built, and introduce new features and capabilities. Now, we're doing something unprecedented in this community. We're making our development public for all to see. Of course, we don't mean open source or something of the sort.. but we've opened our Trello to the public, and will continue to open what tools we can for the public to view. Our Trello, which will serve as our community hub alongside our Discord server, contains a small QnA, update notes, and all of the things we have yet to complete. Each card has an extensive description to explain what we plan to do with each feature, or other relevant notes.

You can join our Discord server to give feedback on the new site, and suggest new features or ideas.

The new staff includes: Me (Sudeurion), Jän, Termer, Formidable, BMF, and TheWCT (Wildcat).. All of which are moderators on the current Vlare, if you need help, or have questions.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for being part of Vlare.